Vasi Mihalca on “Applied Reactive Architecture”

Vasi is a Senior Android developer in 3Pillar Global Romania. He worked on Android for about 7 years now.

He always wondered how an application could be architectured so that SOLID principles don’t remain just theory.

About two years ago Vasi rediscovered the excitement of programming when he discovered RxJava. Now he had a new challenge: how to think everything in terms of streams?

Also in June 2017, Google announced the Architecture Components library. This was the most important missing piece for Android. 

In September, Vasi experimentally joined the (Carfax) Used Cars Listings team, in an attempt to solve a technical debt that grew over the time and now was creating a risk for the upcoming feature.

He asked for three weeks to see how rewriting of a screen with Architecture Components + RxJava would work. It turned out to be better and faster that they expected, so in the next 4 months he rewrote a 3 years old project plus the new feature. 

This talk will be an example of how Vasi implemented the reactive architecture in one of the screens in the app. 

See you at MobOS 2018, in just a few days!


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