Vladimir Jovanović on “Rewrite or Refactor That Is the Question”

And closing the Android agenda, let’s welcome Vladimir Jovanović!

Vladimir Jovanovic is a passionate Android developer and a Pluralsight author. Over the past 6 years, he has been helping companies have clean and stable Android applications. He currently lives in Berlin and is an active member of Berlin’s Android community. As part of the FlixBus team, he is bringing a green way of transportation to the world.

His topic will be about “Rewrite or Refactor That Is the Question”.

Two teams solving the same problem in two different ways. This talk will follow the Android and iOS teams at FlixBus fighting with legacy code, each in their own way. The Android team chose to refactor their old app, while the iOS team decided to create a brand new application. In this talk, we will consider the benefits and drawbacks of both approaches. We will also go through the pitfalls that you may encounter on these paths to a modern codebase. By the end of this talk, you will have all the necessary knowledge to pick the best path for you when fighting with the technical debt.

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