What cool things we learned at the 1st MobOS Pre-event of 2016, hosted by Garmin

Yesterday evening we gathered, hosted by our lovely hosts, Garmin, to find out more about what’s prepared for the 3rd MobOS edition, and to discuss more in depth about the technology surrounding us – wearables and smart homes.

Andrei Craciun, Technical Advisor at MobOS, was our host and we want to thank him for putting in the effort. Aida Ticudean, R&D Manager, Mobile Development at Garmin, welcomed us and then the evening started with 4 main parts:

Part 1 – MobOS Launch

The MobOS co-founders Andreea Parvu and Teodora Chetan presented a brief MobOS history and what’s new for this edition, the agenda, why you shouldn’t miss this edition and pointed out the key actions to be taken during the next days:

  • Call 4 papers submission ends on Sunday, 31st Jan. If you have an idea of a presentation and want to be part of an international line-up of speakers, you still have a few more days to apply
  • Registration for MobOS was launched and you can REGISTER HERE. We have discounted prices for full-conference tickets, limited to the places available for workshops (maximim25/workshop)

Part 2 – Sorin Ciorceri (electronics hobbyist) “Wearables: do it from scratch”

Sorin had a very interesting and hands-on presentation on how you can build your own smartwatch. He talked about the components, where to get them from, what the power life can be and how to improve & optimize it. We found out we can make our own smartwatch for less than $30, and we can have real fun while doing it!

Part 3 – Retegan Ioan / Rotaru Ovidiu (iOS Developers, Endava) “Home Automation”

Ovidiu and Reti were sharing some key things around a project they’ve worked on called “Smart Home”. We learned how this can actually be implemented, how cool it can get, how many things you can already change in your house for better comfort and security. The project is based on QIVICON, a platform developed by a unit within Deutsche Telekom and backed by other leading industry companies, such as Samsung, Huawei and Philips.

Ovidiu and Reti showed us a high level view of the entire product and explained the path of a single command that goes from your smartphone/tablet/PC into their servers, then through your home router into the QIVICON Home Base box and finally into the targeted device. They’ve also discussed about the challenges of making this product secure and reliable so any person can enjoy a holiday without worrying about their home.

Part 4 – Tudor Tiplea (SW Engineering Team Lead, Garmin) “Wear, Code Garmin Things”

The last presentation of the evening was about the wearables and apps produced by Garmin, their latest revolutionary technology integrations and about Connect IQ. We mainly found out how to develop applications for the Garmin wearables suite, how to integrate custom services with the Garmin wearables and also we’ve learned a lot about the technical capabilities of the devices, which are quite remarkable, especially regarding battery life time

All in all, it was a very interesting evening, and we are really looking forward to find out more at MobOS 2016, in less than 3 weeks!

Will we meet you there?

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