Yusei Nishiyama on “Continuous Mobile App Delivery”

Ourspeakers announcements for MobOS 2019 continue with Yusei Nishiyama!

Yusei is an iOS Tech Lead at Cookpad, the largest recipe sharing service in the world with the aim of making everyday cooking fun! He majored in philosophy and aesthetics but the beauty of programming languages led him to become a programmer and he has now been working with iOS since 2012.

When he isn’t coding, he is spending some time listening to and making music. You can find him playing jazz piano in a pub.

His topic will be around “Continuous Mobile App Delivery

Release management is a major part of our daily work as well as regular app development. Frequent release is essential to survive in this fast paced industry, which, however, gets harder and harder to manage as the project continues because the specification gets increasingly complicated and business will expand to different countries, which means you need to support more languages. What you need to care about is not only apps for your customors but also internal apps whose audience can be developers, product managers, community managers and QA team.

In this talk, Yusei will share how Cookpad copes with the complexity of release management by convering different topics ranging from basics like how to schedule releases properly to advanced topics like how to leverage ChatOps.

This talk will also cover the following topics: Jenkins, Fastlane, Slack Bot, etc.

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