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Without it being a surprise for anyone at this stage, 2020 represented a change hard to anticipate. Choosing to look at the positive, we believe it’s good we’re starting the year hoping - namely, that the vaccine will bring the world closer to what we call normal. A lot of events shifted to online during this period. Now more than ever, we’re spending the majority of our day interacting with others through video or calls. Efficient or not, tiring or otherwise, this is now our reality. Webinars, talks, conferences, meetings, beer gatherings, and birthdays - most of them take place now from our living room or bedroom, in front of a laptop or tablet. MobOS was born out of the desire to bring closer the mobile community through physical interaction points. Have all the ones with a passion for mobile development, testing, gadgets, and more, meet, greet, chat, and learn together. This is what we always aimed to achieve, and that’s the reason why plan B, the option to move the MobOS’s next edition into the virtual space is not something we want to do as we don’t believe it’s helping out our objective. Hence, we’re going to take a break in February 2021. To resume and be back once it will be safe for all of us to see our faces in the same conference room and live the MobOS experience, together. In the meantime, we want to thank you all for these wonderful 7 years we lived and experienced, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all at MobOS’s 8th edition. For any message, suggestion, or idea you want to share with us, please reach out via the channel you prefer. We’re still around! Wishing you lots of health, and a better 2021! Yours truly, The MobOS team

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Check out the 2019 Final Wrap-up to get an idea on how the 2019 edition of MobOS was! Take a look as well on our Facebook page for pictures and stay tuned as we are now ready for our 7th edition! Book the dates in your calendar: 20th - 21st of February 2020! Of course, in Cluj Napoca, Golden Tulip Ana Dome Hotel!

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I had the chance to meet and learn from some of the persons whose courses, tutorials or blogs I am consulting all the time like Antonio Leiva, John Sundell or Florina Muntenescu.

MobOS participant

A conference that shouldn’t be missed by the mobile lovers but also accessible for the other curious minds. Two full days, that combines perfectly the theoretical with the hands-on part. Beautiful people, people that have something to say and that are passionate about what they are doing – that’s what I saw at this event. I can’t even tell what I liked the most. I had so much to learn from every presentation and workshop!

MobOS participant

MobOS was one of the best experiences to start the year with. A conference that had it all: exciting keynotes presented by even more exciting persons and wonderful workshops regarding hot topics in today’s mobile development world.

MobOS participant

It was one of the most intriguing conferences I’ve attended in the last years!

MobOS participant


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